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Bobby Petrino And Jake Smith Preview Fall Camp


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Bobby Petrino

--It's official report day, so we're really excited about both that and getting started practicing tomorrow.

--We're splitting the first week of practice into two sessions. The newcomers will go in the morning and the veterans will go in the afternoon, except it's not going to 100% work out that way because of some guys' class schedules. For example, Kai DeLaCruz has an afternoon class, so he's going to have to practice in the morning.

--I like doing it this way because it's a great way to evaluate the young guys and see how quickly they can learn. Plus, it's a way for them to get a lot more reps.

--I feel like we're healthy, and we're coming off of a great testing week. We have most of our guys at the weights that we wanted them to be heading into camp. There are still a few guys that we'd like to see put on or lose a couple of pounds, but most of the guys have done a terrific job in the weightroom.

--Last week we tested on the bench, vertical jump, broad jump, squats and cleans. It's similar to what we do in the winter, except we don't test the 40-yard dash, because we didn't want anyone to pull a hamstring.

--Inheriting this team is similar to when I was here for the first time and taking over to John L., because we have guys who are used to working hard and who know how to win. They really have a good work ethic and I've been really pleased with how well they've handled the transition.

--When I talked to the players in our first team meeting, I congratulated them on how well they've played and how much success they've had, but I also let them know that things were going to be different. Coach Strong did a great job, but obviously our styles are different and what we know is different. We told the guys that the quicker they recognize that there's going to be a change and get over it and adapt to it then the better chance we have to be a championship football team. I've been really impressed by our guys' attitudes and the leadership from within the team has been really good.

--Quarterback is our most pressing issue. I was really impressed with Will and the strides he made during spring ball and the leadership he showed. I'm really looking forward to seeing the competition behind him. Reggie Bonnafon coming in as a true freshman and how well he'll compete, I'm excited to see that.  Depth on our offensive line is definitely another concern.

--Terrell Floyd is moving from corner to free safety and nickel, because we need some leadership and talent and that position. It's always hard to move a starter to a new position, but we felt it was a necessary change.

--Michael Johnson is the only freshman who didn't qualify and won't report. We found that out about a week ago.

--We're aware of the QB situation at Miami and the suspension of Kevin Olsen. We have to get to know about the transfer from Kansas (Jake Heaps) and we'll look at some tape in him.

-- James Sample and Pio Vatuvei have some catching up to do after arriving to campus late. Hopefully they'll be quick learners and can help us.

--We had a lot of guys when I got here who were dealing with injuries and needed surgery and so they couldn't participate in spring ball. Those guys are all back and 100 percent ready to go.

--Jermaine Reve is the one guy who was hurt who we don't anticipate being ready to go. He's way ahead of schedule after hurting his knee, but he still has a 9-month recovery period, so it's doubtful he'll play this season.

--Reggie Bonnafon has had a great summer. He's an amazing athlete. He has a 36 and a half inch vertical, which is one of the highest on the team. He's strong and he's smart. Now, we just want to see how he gets into it. We might go back to a situation where one guy comes in and plays the first series of the second quarter. That's something we've done here before and had a lot of success with. But we don't know that until we get out on the practice field and find out.

Jake Smith

--We've been here all summer, so this is pretty much just another Monday for us. We're excited to get going and get into this, because championships are won in camp.

--With this senior class, we've been around each other for so long and know each other so well, that we're really just heading into camp looking to push each other and take our games to that next level.

--We've been able to do a lot more football-related stuff this summer than in past years, which really helps from a mental standpoint.

--Things really aren't that much different under the new staff than they've been in the past. The past staff obviously knew how to win and this one does too.

--I've taken a lot of reps this summer and both center and guard. I'm heading into camp as our starting center, but that could change in three days. I'm comfortable at both positions, and I'll play wherever the coaches need me.

--We need the younger guys to come along because you want to have 10 solid players on the o-line. Last year we had seven or eight. These next few weeks are gonna tell a lot about a lot of guys.

--There's nothing differently psychology about heading into a season with a new quarterback. Teddy was great, but we're ready to roll with Will. Guys come and go and every year is a new team. It doesn't really make too much of a difference to me.

--I've seen Reggie Bonnafon out there during 7-on-7 and he looks pretty sharp, but I don't know what I'm looking at half the time. As far as mechanics and stuff, you'd have to talk to the quarterback coach to really analyze what he's doing out there.

--It was really important for our senior class to come together and handle the coaching change the right way. This is a players' team. Even the old coaching staff said that the players are the ones that win the games. Coaches are there to guide you. It was really important for the seniors to step up and realize that this was an opportunity and not a burden to have this new staff. Right now, it's like nothing even changed.

--The expectations are really high in this building. We know who we are and we know how much we have to prove.