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Bobby Petrino Versus Al Golden

Andy Lyons

Monday night creeps closer minute by minute. The agony of anticipation will subside in a roar not heard around these parts since 2006. By midnight, the question mark surrounding whether Bobby Petrino can repeat and exceed his previous four years at Louisville will have its first answer.

In a rematch of a game played just nine months ago, the changes in scenery and rosters are tumultuous. The matchup showcases new quarterbacks, healthy running backs, an entirely new coaching staff, and a home crowd starving for its first big league game in eight years. I'll simply gloss over the personal rivalries among the players/fan bases, and the potential of the Hurricanes stomping on the midfield Cardinal. The stage is set for what should be the most intriguing game of opening weekend, and as a Louisville fan, I will take great comfort knowing Petrino is on our sideline and Al Golden is on theirs.

Bobby Petrino has a career record of 83 wins to 30 losses. Al Golden's record is an even .500 at 49 and 49. Their lone confrontation came in 2006 when Louisville traveled to Philadelphia and thrashed Golden's Temple Owls 62-0. I am not sure if Al was wearing ties back then, but I doubt that game tie lasted longer than those four quarters.

The coaching advantage clearly sits with Louisville. I will address the obvious reasons shortly, but most importantly, Bobby Petrino is hall of fame in regards to the "Angry Coach Face", Al Golden... I have a hard time believing he could intimidate children. Here is documented proof...





Petrino's intensity has forced referees into early retirement, and stories of his fury on the gridiron are legendary throughout tailgates across the country. The meanest thing Al Golden does is force Miami to pay the dry cleaning bill for his dress shirts that are three sizes too large and come drenched with sweat/tears.

Bobby Petrino is widely credited and acknowledged as the premier offensive mind in modern college football. In terms of preparation, his name belongs at the top alongside Nick Saban. His ability to evaluate, develop, and maximize talent is arguably unrivaled as showcased by the amount of premier NFL players who received their training from Coach Petrino. Petrino's focus is excruciating on every minute detail of a football game, his water boys will be better prepared than most second string quarterbacks.

I am not an Al Golden expert. However, I do know his best record in eight seasons is 9-4. We all know that his reputation for wearing big white dress shirts, khakis, ties, and tennis shoes is common knowledge, but his football acumen is widely debated and challenged. Golden's biggest accomplishment to date is taking Temple into Division 1 football, and posting four winning seasons in eight attempts.

The Cardinals possess an obvious and major advantage on the sideline. However, overlooking Al Golden and being underprepared is incomprehensible to a Bobby Petrino regime. Miami is a serious opponent, and Al Golden will have his team ready to rewrite the script from nine months ago. When the clock strikes eight Monday night, I am relieved knowing that the man in charge of our football team has been on the verge of a National Championship three times, and come Monday, he starts his journey to finish what he started.

All Hail UofL !!