CCBMM 1: New Beginnings and A Special Guest


Monday is now only a few sleeps away. Are you ready for Cardinal Football?

This Monday evening, prior to taking on Miami, the Cardinal Football team will take part in the UofL Sanctioned Tradition Card March two hours and 15 minutes before kickoff. Fifteen minutes before that, the creepiest/best tradition in college football takes place, the Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March (CCBMM). The CARDS will be taking the field with their star wide receiver, Devante Parker, sidelined with a broken fifth metatarsal. They will need a little added excitement with him out, which is where you come in.

This year's CCBMMs will be bigger and better than ever. We have the opportunity to create a raucous college football environment. We have the chance to permeate excitement into each of our soldiers walking onto that battlefield. Everyone should have at least one CCBM by now, and everyone should be there and tailgating by at least five o'clock. Why not have a hand in making this one of the greatest creepiest traditions in college athletics?As I mentioned in the previous FanPost, we have had many special guests to make appearances with us. Louisville's own Olivia Henken from The Voice, former Louisville Basketball Player Beau Zach Smith, and even HOFNCHCRJFBP took time out to get photographs with the CCBMMarchers. This year, thanks to the quick thinking and fortunate meeting between this man and scorpiocard we are going to have a very special guest actually participating with us at the first Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the Marchl of the ACC.

When you think back in time about what it means to wear a Cardinal Bird Mask, how far back do you go? Is it a specific game you wore it, like a road game last season, the Sugar Bowl, or a previous CCBMM? Is it two years ago at home against Cincinnati after Old Mike wrote the creepy silent Bird Mask crowd Halloween idea in the N&N? Is it 2005 through 2008 when you may or may not have been the mascot at UofL? Or does it go all the way back to 1966 when you were one of the very first cardinal birds to ever wear any Cardinal Bird Mask? If you are Lowell Katz (don't say anything about his last name, he will cut you quicker than GCA), that is exactly what comes to mind. Lowell was the University of Louisville Cardinal Bird Mascot from 1966 through 1970. When you think of the older UofL Cardinal Bird Heads, you (I) automatically think of one of the creepiest and most similar heads to the CCBM in Louisville History. The one I think of is one of the very first cardinal bird heads ever worn at UofL from around the late 1950's, seen below. Truly, I think if the goal was to make a creepy, hilarious, awesome bird mask, they would take that bird head and model it right after it. That is pretty much what happened. And the best news of all of this, Lowell still has this Bird Head from the 50's in his possession.



What does this mean for the upcoming CCBMM? It means we will have the Original CCBM, the Original Official University of Louisville Cardinals Mascot, and Original Bad Ass Mother Father Marching side by side with us on our way through the crowd. This is nuts.

A quick reminder, the game kicks off at 8pm, which means the Card March will start at 5:45. That means the Card Chronicle Bird Mask March to the March will begin at 5:30. We will be meeting somewhere inside the tunnel under Denny Crum Overpass where the Card March takes place. Just look for the folks in the bird masks. Please be there 10 or 15 minutes early so you can talk to Lowell and so I can explain exactly what the plan is and how it will go down. This will be a great opportunity to discuss Cardinal Athletics, mascots, and any number of things while meeting Lowell and some of your fellow Chronicloids. I will be there in an all-black UofL Football uniform for this Black Out Game. And I will be there about an hour before we start the CCBMM. With Beer. And an awesomely creepy bird mask.

Again, the purpose of these CCBMM's is not to take anything away from anyother fans or our beloved team itself. Quite the opposite. This tradition was started last year as a fun thing to help get our fans pumped up for the games prior to the team arriving, as last year the schedule did not do a whole lot in the world of excitement. Collectively, our goal was to promote Cardinal Spirit and try to make a difference. We, as a group, were filling a void for the University of Louisville, our university and our love. It is the die-hard passion of many fans coming together and embodying Cardinal Spirit to raise the spirit and excitement of our fellow fans. Please join us and help us get this crowd pumped up beyond belief for the Card March.

We could not be more honored to have our special guest, Lowell, for this inaugural ACC CCBMM. This year in the ACC is all about new beginnings. What better way to kick it off with the beginnings of the CCBM. We will see you all there at the tunnel before 5:30 on Monday. Don't Miss This. Go CARDS!!!