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Sights And Sounds From The Card Chronicle Wedding

We're all family here, so it'd be irresponsible if my honeymoon return didn't include at least a sampling of the day that was the Card Chronicle wedding.

Everyone tells you it'll be both the happiest and most nerve-wracking day of your life, but Mrs. CC (weird to type for the first time) and I both agreed that we were about 10 times more nervous on the day of the national championship game...which is probably why we're married.

My groomsmen started the day by surprising me with CCBMs for everyone in the wedding party, which, as you probably could have predicted, became both a big hit and a theme for the day and night.





Then things got super creepy during pre-ceremony pictures.



My three nephews joined in.


As did our photographer, whose allegiance may or may not lie on the wrong side of the Commonwealth's oldest war.


There were no masks during the ceremony, but the groomsmen wore them into the reception, which was fully supported.

Mrs. CC donned one and made a circle so the U of L fight song could be played and appreciated.


Baby Cardinals enjoyed the evening.


U of L emcee Joey Wagner was at the top of his game, a status I could not lay claim to as evidenced by this pathetic attempt at a left-handed L. My excuse was that I was getting artsy and going for a feathered L interpretation, but really I'm just bad at hand signs. And I was drunk. Pretty drunk.


Personalized glow sticks were our mid-reception secret weapon, and we had the perfect song to kick off their introduction.

That's because we had the best DJ in this region in the building.


DJ K-Dogg pretty much made the wedding, which hopefully served as a suitable exhibition (or something) for the season ahead. "CC Wedding Mix" is destined for platinum status.

The morning after was slightly less enjoyable.


All in all, the weekend was just about perfect, and we could not be more grateful to everyone who helped make that happen. A special thanks to these folks, who went above and beyond to make Aug. 16 so special for us, and whom you should definitely hit up for help if you find yourself in need of their services:

Lang Thomas Photography

L&M Detailed Events

DJ K-Dogg

Joey Wagner and The J Wagner Group

Bluegrass Bridal

Nancy's Place

Beaux Tied

Bluegrass Barrels

And finally, a big thanks to all of you for both your well-wishes and your patience through all the madness, especially this close to the start of the season. The last two weeks have included some of the best days of my life, but I'm beyond ready for the start of all the ups, downs and pure insanity that the next seven months is going to include.

Go Cards.