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The Cardinal Countdown: 6 days until kickoff

John Sommers II

#6 Shaq Wiggins


Class: Sophomore

Ht/Wt: 5-10/166

Position: Cornerback

Hometown: Tyrone, GA

Twitter: @ShaqWiggins6

Thoughts: Wiggins is another Grantham pull from Georgia, along with Harvey-Clemons which I covered back on Day 25. Wiggins actually made eight starts for the Bulldogs last season as a freshman and appeared in twelve games while leading the team in interceptions. Wiggins actually took one of those picks back to the house against Vandy when he jumped a screen pass out of a crazy formation…

…take that for your kitchen sink???

Shaq parted ways with Georgia earlier this year when the new defensive coordinator came in to replace Grantham and had some different ideas/philosophies than what Shaq was used to. So, Shaq followed Todd to Louisville and will suit up for the Cardinals next year, having three years of eligibility left after sitting out a season for transfer. Wiggins obviously has the skills to compete and will be a welcome addition to a secondary that is already considered thin, and losing The Prez, Floyd and potentially Gaines after this year. Out of high school Shaq was a consensus 4 star talent and a Top 40 player nationally at corner. After already having a year of experience under Grantham’s system and getting some additional practice time this season, I’d expect Wiggins to come in and make an immediate impact in 2015.

Sweet Tweet:

Typically someone is only in this position when they are interviewing for a new job or their parents hop on twitter. I’m not saying either of those applies to Shaq, but rumor is mama Wiggins don’t play. I always think it’s funny when I see people on Facebook or Twitter discussing how they hate "this group" or wish "that group" would "shut the f up". Might want to make sure your boss isn’t on that friend list buddy. You do realize other people can see this right?

"No idea why you didn’t that account executive position Greg. You think it had anything to do with that picture you posted last week where you were passed out with a traffic cone on your head and a penis drawn on your face?"



#6 Eli Rogers


Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 5-10/180

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Miami, Fla

Twitter: @Clutch_6

Thoughts: One of the very few positives of having the Cardinal program infected with the Krag1N1 virus was that Charlie came in and was forced to give some immediate playing time to the incoming freshman. Four year later I feel like Eli Rogers is an eighth year Senior who has done nothing but produce since arriving on campus. I think the majority of Cards fans respect Eli and realize he’s been a solid wideout for us the last few seasons, but once you look at his career stats he’s been about as consistant as you could ask for. As a freshman Eli actually led the team with 41 catches, as a sophomore he was second on the team with 46, and last year he was third on the team with 44. Every season he’s averaged about 11 yds/rec and approximately 40 yards per game. If I can have two or three of those guys every year I’m going to be fielding a successful football team. The thing I like about Eli is that he has sneaky speed and always seemed to find the gaps in the coverage. If you watch any of his highlight tapes from the last few years his range is pretty amazing, making diving catches and one hand grabs look routine. One of the benefits Eli has had at Louisville up until now was maintaining his connection with Teddy, having played together since their Pop Warner days. With Teddy now in Minnesota the transition may be challenging off the field but I know Gardner and Petrino will have no hesitation in getting this proven receiver the ball as often as possible.

Sweet Tweet:

To the twelve teams trying to lock down Eli during the regular season….

"May the odds be ever in your favor."

You’re gonna need it.