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DeVante Parker Suffers Foot Injury During Practice

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

We almost made it all the way to the start of the season without one of those posts you spend the entire summer hoping to avoid.

U of L released a statement Friday night stating that senior wide receiver DeVante Parker suffered a left foot injury during practice and will visit an orthopedic surgeon in Charlotte for further evaluation. That orthopedic surgeon is Dr. Bob Anderson, who has recently seen and/or operated on Derek Jeter, Matt Schaub, Cam Newton and Julio Jones for their serious ankle or foot injuries.

You hate to think the worst in situations like these, but the fact that Parker is being sent to a Dr. who has worked with so many athletes who wound up missing a considerable amount of playing time would seem to hint at the fact that the best case scenario for DeVante right now still involves some missed games.

Parker, the lone Cardinal to receive preseason first team All-ACC honors, led Louisville last season with 885 receiving yards and a school record 12 touchdown receptions.

Here's hoping that whatever the situation is, Vante bounces back as quickly and as fully as possible.