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The Cardinal Countdown: 15 days until kickoff

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

#15 Andrew Johnson


Class: Senior

Ht/Wt: 5-9/183

Position: Cornerback

Hometown: Miami, Fla

Twitter: @AJonefive

Thoughts: The Prez, no matter what happens this season, will be remembered by Cardinal fans for years to come based on one single play. Let’s refresh our memories, shall we…


That was 2011 and Andrew was a true freshman who was not only blowing kisses on special teams, but playing a pretty solid role of lockdown corner as well. During Johnson’s sophomore season the legend of ‘The Prez’ continued to grow as he appeared in 12 games and his tackle production and interception total both increased. Then 2013 happened. Last season, for whatever reason, Johnson seemed to be distracted at times or at the very least not on the same page with the rest of the defense. To put it bluntly, there was a time in October of 2013 that was actually doing a better job at covering people than Johnson was. (Not political, that thing sucked for everyone) Things were not looking good at the time, and I kept hoping he would figure it all out and become the 2011 Prez we all fell in love with. Unfortunately, after getting only one start all season, a leg injury ended that opportunity prematurely for Johnson and he missed the last four games.

While we’re still 15 days from kickoff and nothing has been formally announced, I think Johnson may get his starting gig back at corner. Andrew has played extremely well based on all reports during the last two weeks of practice showcasing some very athletic moves and keeping up with some very quick wideouts as they run the ones vs. ones in practice. Petrino and Buckley have both mentioned Johnson by name as a player they have been impressed with during camp. Buckley said he could see the fire in his eyes and that Johnson now understands this is his last shot, as a senior, to make an impact and contribute to a championship football team. I’m not sure how it will all play out, but I hope ‘The Prez’ we saw last year is dead and gone and the new and improved POTUS (President of the under-appreciated secondary) comes ready to ball out in 2014.

Sweet Tweet:

[In my best movie preview voice]

What happens when things go from bad…to worse.

"Everybody run!"

When there is no escape….there is no backup plan.

"Go, go, go…move, now!"

Don’t even bother looking at The Whitehouse, because this fall the President has a new address……..Alcatraz.

[jail cell slams shut]

‘Lockdown 2014: Return of the mother [blankin] savage.’