The Cardinal Countdown...18 days until kickoff

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#18 Ethan Horton


Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-0/205

Position: Quarterback

Hometown: Hyden, KY

Twitter: @EHorton15

Thoughts: Some of you may remember that Ethan Horton was a very good running back for UNC back in the early eighties. After a few hours digging through old tapes and press clippings I’ve come to determine that this is in fact NOT the same Ethan Horton. This Ethan is from Hyden, KY, about 14 miles south of Hazard and smack dab at the end of state road 118, also known as ‘Tim Couch Pass’. (That last sentence was constructed with the sole purpose of allowing me to say ‘smack dab’).

Ethan is a walk-on to the Cardinal program similar to Mr. Green in yesterday’s countdown piece. I doubt Ethan will get a ton of time on the field, unless of course we run our tremendously exclusive 9 QB spread package, but he is still a part of the team and deserves some recognition. Good luck to Ethan and I hope he enjoys watching Bonnafon destroy the ACC half as much as I will over the next few years. (A little premature with that, huh? Well, wish I could say I’d never heard that before)

Sweet Tweet:

This was making the rounds on the ole’ interwebs back in April but is still pretty impressive. Sure, it probably took hundreds of tries and multiple hours to accomplish, but so did beating ‘Super Mario Brothers’ and you’re still bragging about that 20 years later…



#18 Gerald Christian


Class: RS Senior

Ht/Wt: 6-3/244

Position: Tightend

Hometown: Palm Beach Gardens, Fla

Twitter: @hungry4gr8tness

Thoughts: Let the kid eat. That’s all that ran through my mind last year as we seemed to do everything possible to avoid getting Christian the ball in open space. Look, I understand hindsight is always 20/20 and if you want to bring facts into play (always ruins a good time) Christian was the fourth leading receiver last season, but I also thought he was extremely underutilized in the offense. I felt like Gerald was almost always a checkdown for Teddy and very rarely did we actually run a play to get the 6-3 244lb beast out in the open. While I can’t predict the future, I feel like Gerald, along with Micky Crum and other tightends, will get plenty of play this season. Bobby loves the tightends…..(I realized as soon as I typed it, just leave it alone. Leave. It. Alone.)….but if we’re being honest, Bobby loves pretty much everything about the offensive side of the ball. While one could say that my man crush on Christian that began last year is the sole reason he is a projected NFL prospect, or on the John Mackey Award watch list, I’d feel slightly embarrassed to take 100% of the credit, just like I did for the Year of the Cardinal. I mean, Gerald has obviously hit the weights, put in the time on the field and had his head buried in the playbook all summer. I’ll toss him 3-4% to keep his spirits high.

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This reminded me of a study I read a couple years back that said that 75% of people actually use their phone while on the toilet. I was shocked when I saw this. Shocked that 25% of you people are lying ass, liars.

(We’d be remiss to not at least mention Mike’s black #18 jersey. It’s had a good run and one can only hope Mrs. CC doesn’t "accidently" toss it in the donate pile one night while Mike is out of the house. I’m sure he’d get over it eventually. I’m sure I would do the same if that SAME EXACT scenario happened to me. Noooo, I’d never let something like that fester for years and years on end…)

Carmody, Titus, Christian…three men and a baby???

‘The Legend Continues’