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Pitino: Russ Smith Has A 'Guaranteed' Contract With New Orleans

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

According to Rick Pitino, the New Orleans Pelicans and Russ Smith have come to terms on the former Louisville star's first NBA contract.

While Pitino wasn't sure whether or not Smith has actually signed the contract, the Cardinal head coach described the deal as both "committed" and "guaranteed"...and "awesome."

"I couldn't be any more pleased for this young man right now," Pitino said. "I know all our fans as well as people who covered Russ agree. It only takes at the NBA level one team to believe in your talent. We were always convinced that Russ Smith could be an outstanding pro because he can do so many different things."

Again, U of L fans will have the chance to see Pelican Russ in action when New Orleans plays an exhibition game against the Miami Heat at the KFC Yum Center on Oct. 4.