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Someone Get Matz Stockman A Visa

During a massive Wednesday afternoon update (more on that in a bit), Rick Pitino noted that four of his six freshmen have arrived on campus and are practicing with the team.

The two players the staff is still waiting on are Jaylen Johnson, who is dealing with an academic issue that is expected to be resolved, and "The Big Norwegian," Matz Stockman. Stockman's situation is apparently a bit more complicated, as the 7'2 center is still waiting on his Visa.

Still waiting on his Visa?

Clearly this kid sh-ts red, white and blue, so if he can't get a Visa then none of us should have a Visa.

Pitino added that Stockman is registered for classes, and that his goal is for Matz to gain 20 pounds so that he'll weigh 255-pounds by  the start of the season.

The Matz Era dawns ever closer, but for now, the AIM chats will have to continue.