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2013-14 Card Chronicle LCPT Quarterfinals: UK Tattoo Guy Vs. FedEx

This is a historical year for the Least Cool Person Tournament, as for the first time ever, the tournament features only one returning participant...and that participant is not four-time defending runner-up John Calipari.

Let's get this party started.




--Actual name is Tyler Black.

--A Kentucky fan who got the above 2014 national championship tattoo on March 13 while the Wildcats were in the midst of what had been an extremely disappointing season.

--Received free tickets to the national championship game in Arlington where he watched Kentucky lose to Connecticut.

--Told the media he was keeping the tattoo despite UK's loss because it is "a part of my life story."

--Doesn't mind the criticism from the rest of the country because, "I know people outside of Kentucky can't stand us."





--Broke the frame on Russ Smith's Final Four jersey, which he had sent to his father in New York so that Russ Smith Sr. could hang it in his barber shop.

--When the jersey was sent back so that FedEx could "investigate the claim" that the frame was broken, FedEx promptly threw the jersey away.

--FedEx never found the jersey, and did nothing more than tell the Smiths they were "sorry."

You've got 24 hours to decide who is headed to the semifinals.