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Akoy Agau Having Surgery Tuesday Morning

Akoy Agau kicked off the average U of L fan's Tuesday with a bit of a punch in the gut when he posted the following picture on Instagram:


As Agau mentions in the description, he is in Philadelphia, where word is that he is having surgery performed at Hahnemann University Hospital. The hospital is the same place where Taquan Dean went to have sports hernia surgery for "athletic pubalgia" almost exactly a decade ago. While Agau's injury isn't exactly the same as Dean's, a U of L spokesperson did confirm that he is having a similar surgery.

After appearing in just 19 games last season, Agau has drawn significant praise from head coach Rick Pitino, who expects the forward to make a massive jump in his sophomore season.

"Akoy is a completely different player and person," Pitino said earlier this month. "And that's great for us because we need that position desperately."

U of L SID Kenny Klein is expected to release a full update on Agau later today.