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Jaylen Johnson Still Waiting On NCAA Clearance

Andy Lyons

Jaylen Johnson remains the lone member of Rick Pitino's 2014 recruiting class yet to receive NCAA clearance and yet to successfully enroll at U of L.

Pitino stated earlier this month that Johnson was dealing with an academic issue that was the result of a recent consolidation of schools in his hometown, but added that the freshman-to-be would be "fine." The staff had hoped that the situation would be sorted out quickly and that Johnson would be on campus by July 15, but that has not happened.

By all accounts, this is merely an annoyance rather than a cause for legitimate concern. The NCAA hasn't been able to deal with the situation swiftly because of the confusion caused by the consolidation, and as a result, Johnson is going to be a bit behind the rest of the freshman class once he finally arrives at U of L.

A four-star power forward from Ypsilanti, Mich., the  6'9, 210-pound Johnson is known for his athleticism, wing-span and ability to finish around the rim. He's also extremely young -- Johnson is still just 17-years-old and likely won't be 18 when he arrives in Louisville -- which makes his inability to get here on schedule even more unfortunate.