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DJ Matz is Prepared to Take Over America

The international, underground celebrity heartthrob has moved stateside and offered up a teaser of what's to come.

The Beatles, David Beckham, BMW,  Lady Liberty... DJ Matz.

The next big European import has arrived on American soil, and as expected, DJ Matz is already the talk of the town.

A Norwegian native, DJ Matz, born Matz Stockman, was raised modestly in Oslo. Despite the modest upbringing, it quickly became clear that Stockman was bigger than his surroundings.

By 13, he was known in his hometown as the ‘Debonair Up There’, an homage to his dashing good looks and imposing stature. His parents, concerned about how the young Stockman would handle the pressure, sent him to an Academy for the Gifted in Spain.

While studying in Spain, Stockman displayed a passion and proclivity for music. While he got nightly requests from friends (mostly of the female variety) to go clubbing, Stockman was mostly a recluse during his time in Spain, spending countless hours in his room ‘mashing up’ popular songs and concocting new beats.

One night, Stockman left an AIM Away Message that would ultimately bring it international fame:

"Hi Der! Hope you all are having the best of evenings. I have just created my newest mix and I would like very much if you would download it on the Napster and let me know what you think. I call it: ‘Fancy’"

Friends quickly took to Napster, as did friends of friends ... as did the world.

Matz Stockman had become DJ Matz.

Eurasia could not get enough. It was a lay-up that any club he played in would sell out. An underground legend, he remained particularly popular with the female demographic, who flooded him with fan mail and found numerous ways to show their love for DJ Matz.


Despite wild popularity, DJ Matz has never released a complete album.

His freshman release, the self-titled "DJ Matz," is being produced and promoted on American soil, where he moved to with great fanfare earlier this month.

To create excitement for the official release, a CD cover and single track, ‘Shaqquan Anas, Watch Yo'self’ have been released to critically acclaimed reviews.


And now...the World waits for the full release in November.