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FedEx: The Least Cool Person Of 2013-14

Nantz voice on

Russdemption. The city of Louisville says "we're fed up with FedEx."

Nantz voice off

It took a (suspiciously) remarkable final hour comeback, but FedEx has etched its name in the history books by becoming the first non-person to be named Card Chronicle's Least Cool Person of the Year. One lost Russ Smith Final Four jersey earned the company a 1,036-996 vote victory over the NCAA Tournament Selection Committee in one of the closest (and surely one of the most controversial) finals in LCPT history.


An deservedly uncool photoshop.

The plaque (we really need to make one) of champions now looks like this:

2008 - Larry Taylor
2009 - Mitch Barnhart
2010 - Steve Kragthorpe
2011 - Brandon Bender
2012 - Doug Gottlieb
2013 - Digger Phelps
2014 - FedEx

Thanks to all who participated in this most sacred of summer traditions.