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ACC Football Kickoff day two

Louisville is here at day two of the ACC Football Kickoff. This morning features a presentation of the way the College Football Playoff will work, the head of officiating explaining rules changes, and the coaches addressing the media.

Sam Sharpe-USA TODAY Sports

Today is day two of ACC Football Kickoff. Day two begins with a presentation from Michael Kelly on just exactly how the College Football Playoff will work. He's currently explaining how the committee will meet, what data sources they will use to engage in deliberations (using a great company called Sports Source Analytics to have access to advanced football statistics) among other things, when they'll meet, and the process they will go through to pick not just the four teams for the playoff, but setting the other teams for the other four major bowls in a given year.

Following this will be a presentation from the head of ACC officiating to give a video presentation explaining the latest NCAA football rules changes and what they'll look like in real time, followed by questions and answers from assembled media. Remember the ACC will be experimenting with having an eighth football official on this field this year.

Later today all of the ACC coaches will make their way through the various media outlets and take our questions. If you have questions for coach Petrino, please leave them in the comments and we'll take a stab at getting them in front of coach Petrino.