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Louisville football depth chart released

Louisville released its 2014 football depth chart heading into fall camp. Few surprises, but this is still a very talented team.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports


With ACC Football Kickoff coming up this weekend and the opening of fall camp not far behind it, Louisville released its football media guide. Tucked into the media guide is a fresh depth chart that gives us our first look at what the starting lineup might resemble when Louisville kicks off on Labor Day evening against Miami. A couple of quick observations about the depth chart.

  • Don't get too worked up about what you see. I know we're taking the time to write about it, but, the pre-camp depth charts rarely tell the whole story and are never perfectly accurate. Guys you see either in, or out, of the starting lineup can play their way in (or back out) in no time once camp rolls around. For instance, I don't think the coaches scoured the JUCO ranks to let Jerrod Barnes be the starting safety.
  • There's little question that the strength of this team is at linebacker and wide receiver. Even with Robert Clark leaving for Samford, Louisville has probably never had a better group, from 1-6, at either position, than it does this season. It will be up to Petrino and Grantham to use them well.
  • Although Petrino praised Dominique Brown in the spring, I don't believe for a moment that Michael Dyer is the third running back. In fact, I don't believe there is a third running back. It wouldn't shock me at all to see all three of Brown, Dyer, and LJ Scott to finish the season with about equal carries. If there is any differentiation in workload, I'd be willing to bet it comes down to injuries or little things like pass protection and receiving.
  • Safety is really scary. Louisville was spoiled to have Hakeem Smith and Calvin Pryor for three of Charlie's four years. All of the junior college guys and any freshmen will have an opportunity to see the field and quickly at the strong safety spot. I'd love to see Michael Johnson come right in and get that job as a freshman, but that might be a lot to ask.
  • Beyond LJ Scott and perhaps Johnson at safety, I don't see a ton of opportunities for freshmen to see the field. Which is fine. This team has a huge senior class, so to be able to redshirt a bunch of players won't hurt at all.
  • I can't believe how big Johnny (formerly De'Asian) Richardson has gotten. Same goes for James Hearns. Nevertheless, it's good in both cases (assuming the weight gain is healthy). Louisville must have a big space eater at nose tackle and bigger defensive ends for Grantham's 3-4 base defense. Those guys will help at both positions.

What sticks out to you about the depth chart? Q walk-on at center? The still unsettled right tackle? Cornerback depth?