The Cardinal Countdown...45 days until kickoff


#45 Mitchell Nelson


Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-0/175

Position: Cornerback

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of Male High School)

Twitter: None

Thoughts: Mitchell is a hometown guy who walked on for the Cards and has been a reliable practice player the last few seasons. With Gaines, Floyd, Johnson, Houchins and the Freshman Culver and Washington, PT at the corner could be tough to come by. The one thing I would reiterate to Nelson though is BE READY. While I love the guys we have, it’s easily one of our "thin areas" when discussing roster depth. I’d love to see Nelson get some game action in a 2006 type Bobby beatdown, but if he’s on the field a lot this year we may have a problem…

Sweet Tweet: No tweets for Mitchell, and I think he’s missing out on a nice opportunity. If I was 18-22 years old again and played football for UofL I would probably make sure everyone around me was well aware of it, like almost to an obnoxious level. Who cares if you’re a walk-on, you’re on the team. It’s human nature to always make yourself look better than what you really are. You remember your buddy who keeps saying he was a three-sport athlete when you were growing up (driveway basketball, riding bicycles, playing video games) or your friend who tells girls he used to drive a convertible (it was a Chevy Cavalier). It’s not a lie, and if it can get you a conversation with a nice looking girl or a job offer when you graduate, why not? (Sidenote, even though it appears to be an ACC tradition I’d recommend not cheating on your exams or stealing crablegs from Kroger simply because you play D-1 ball. NCAA seems to frown upon that)



#45 John Wallace


Class: RS Junior

Ht/Wt: 6-0/194

Position: Punter/Kicker

Hometown: Cecilia, KY

Twitter: @johnwallace45

Thoughts: Could this be the year? Could The Lou Groza trophy be coming back to Louisville? If Wallace has anything to say about it we could see the return of ‘The Lou’ back to …..’The Lou’. Damnit. That sounded much cooler in my head.

Wallace was one of 25 players to be nominated for the award this year, following up last season’s nomination. I think most rational fans have been extremely appreciative of the accuracy John has shown over the past few years. Last year, as an example, he was 20 of 24 on field goals (with 2 of his misses coming from 40+) and 52 of 54 on the point after. Most fan bases would take that consistency on an annual basis without blinking an eye. The lone criticism I've heard about Wallace is on his kickoff duties and the lack of touchbacks. To be fair, Wallace only had 14 touchbacks last season on 80 attempts. Assuming Bobby and the offense are scoring at an even higher rate, those attempts increase and the possibility of the defense running onto the field at the 35 or 40 yard line isn't going to work consistently. As a gauge to compare Wallace, I looked at the best of the best, the kicker for the National Champion FSU Seminoles. Roberto Aguayo who just so happened to win the Groza award last year for FSU, had 45 touchbacks off of 120 attempts or a 37.5% success rate compared to that of 17.5% for Wallace. While the criticism has some validity let’s please remember this, if Wallace was putting the ball in the back of the endzone almost every time but was missing field goals, no one would care.

I think Wallace boosts his touchback percentage this year, even with more attempts, and is in the running late to join one sir Arthur Carmody as a Groza award winner as the season winds down.

Sweet Tweet:

While I don’t frequent the pizza buffet often, I do love some me some Gattiland action on occasion. Last time I was cruising through the line I had a similar experience to that of Mr. Wallace. Some young guy in front of me was cleaning up the last piece on all the good stuff, and was starting to really tick me off. Then he crossed the line. He looked back at me, game some crap eating grin, and snatched the final slice of the Apple Pie dessert pizza.

Have you ever wondered why the fork tongs at places like Gatti’s are always bent in weird directions? Well, wonder no more, it’s to straight shank a-holes like that guy…

Looks like we got a man down over by the Cinna-Stix.