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Bobby Petrino Offers Up A Summer Update

Andy Lyons

Bobby Petrino met with the media for about a half an hour Thursday afternoon to update everyone on the state of Cardinal football.

Mark Blankenbaker of The Crunch Zone was there to capture the video.


--It's been a great summer so far. Our guys have been working extremely hard in the weight room. A lot of guys have put on weight or lost weight if they needed to, and I'm really interested to see much some guys have changed when we go through testing.

--Keith Brown, Lorenzo Mauldin and Terrence Ross are all back at full speed on defense, which has obviously given us a huge boost from where we were during spring.

--Jamon Brown has stood out as a guy who has done tremendous work in the weight room. He's down to 327-pounds and that's a testament to his ability to work in the weight room and eat right and condition well. We're really excited about him at that weight.

--We were very disappointed in James Quick, but he's worked hard and done everything we asked him to do. He's still got a long way to go.

--Quarterback and safety are probably the two biggest question mark positions because we're replacing experienced and talented guys who played a lot of games for us.

--This conference is full of teams with great talent and that are well-coached. Most of these games are going to be decided in the 4th quarter.

--Will is doing a good job of leading the 7-on-7 drills right now, and the receivers are helping him. Will showed everyone during spring ball that he's dedicated and capable, and that was a really key thing for a quarterback to prove to his teammates.

--I've always felt like you need four guys you feel comfortable rotating in at positions like running back, linebackers and on the line, because those are the guys who take all the hits.

--Michael Dyer came to me before spring ball about changing his number, and I told him let's see how hard he works during the spring and then we could talk about it. It's a number (5) that he's worn before, but he's certainly not going to throw the ball in it. I never even thought about it being Mike taking Teddy's number until Rocco told me I'd probably be asked about it. i'm sure Mike thinks of it as his number, because that's just how athletes are.

--DeVante Parker is an exceptional talent, and I've been really impressed with everything he's done so far. He's the closest thing to Jimmy Smith (whom Petrino coached when he was with the Jaguars) that I've been around at the college level. He doesn't talk a lot, but he leads by example.

--Uniforms are a big deal to young people. In 2006 we were able to have that blackout against West Virginia, and it was a lot of fun. The lights even went out. I'm not sure we'll be able to pull that off in that Monday night game against Miami.

--The first time I came here, I thought I'd be here a long time. The first time coach Coughlin called me to coach the quarterback for the Jaguars, I didn't want to go, but I felt like I'd hate myself in 10 years if I didn't at least try. Now we're back and we're in the same neighborhood we were when I was the head coach here, and it's all a lot of fun.

--I've really enjoyed caddying for my daughter this summer. I've learned to be quiet and only give advice when I'm asked. I handle it pretty well, I'm coachable.