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Las Vegas Hilton Offers Future Betting Lines For Louisville Football

Jared Wickerham

A little over a month ago, The Golden Nugget offered up its annual super early betting lines for more than 200 college football games.

Now, the more reputable Las Vegas Hilton has offered up its own early college football lines, including spreads for a handful of 2014 "Games of the Year." Those games include just two contests featuring Louisville: the Cards' Oct. 3 trip to Syracuse, and the Thursday night showdown against defending national champion Florida State.

In the first tilt against the Orange, U of L is billed as a 6-point favorite, five points better than the -1 advantage The Golden Nugget gave. Against FSU, the Cards have been labeled as a 17-point underdog, which is the same steep line that was given a month ago.

The Hilton also hands out odds for over/under season win totals a well as conference championship odds.

Easily the most common over/under win total given to Louisville this summer has been 8.5, but the Hilton takes things down a notch and sets it at 8 exactly. The Cards are given a little bit more respect when it comes to winning the ACC, where they've been made the 15/1 fifth choice.


It's a little bit jarring to see things like the Cards being 17-point underdogs, but I'll still take all of this over debates about whether or not U of L needs to win every game by 75 to have a chance at playing for a national title.