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James Quick And Jason Hatcher Cited For Possession Of Marijuana

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The former high school teammates were cited with misdemeanor charges after marijuana and paraphernalia were discovered in Quick's on-campus apartment.

Jared Wickerham

The C-J's Jeff Greer first reported the story here: Louisville, Kentucky players cited for pot possession

According to police citations obtained by the Courier-Journal, Louisville receiver James Quick and UK defensive end Jason Hatcher were cited with possession of marijuana on May 26 in Quick's apartment. The two in-state players were once teammates at Trinity High School.

As reported by Greer, police were dispatched to Quick's on-campus residence after a complaint was made about the smell of pot. Upon searching the apartment, the police tagged Quick with an additional paraphernalia citation when they discovered a scale and "marijuana grinder" along with jars of marijuana buds and roaches. Both players have court dates this summer and all offenses are expected to be categorized as misdemeanors.

Through a team spokesperson, Bobby Petrino released a reaction to this news that we will paraphrase as "disappointed".

I don't know what to make of the marijuana grinder and scale, but Quick will have a lot of time for doobie rolling when he's running suicides next to the strength coach's van down by the river (I'm so sorry). I'm sure this will spark a civil debate, so please remember to be responsible when making weed puns.