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Russ Smith's Draft Stock Rising

Andy Lyons

With a little over three weeks to go until the 2014 NBA Draft, Russ Smith is seeing his stock trend in the right direction.

Russ has received some solid public feedback during his private workouts with various teams, but the biggest recent boost to his profile may have come from this recent Chad Ford Insider piece for Ford laid out all the draft rumblings he's been hearing over the last couple of weeks, which included the following:

Louisville's Russ Smith is riding on a high since being one of the lone standouts in a two-day league-wide workout the NBA scheduled in L.A. right after the draft lottery.

He's since gone on to work out with the Celtics, Suns, Thunder and Heat and seems to be moving into the discussion as a possible late first-round pick.

"Everyone knows Russ is one of the quickest players in this draft and he can obviously put the ball in the basket," one GM said. "But I think he's been showing off that when he wants to be, he can be a guy who can really play point guard. He seems like a perfect change-of-pace guard who can score and speed up the game coming off the bench."

Good news.