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No One Can Deliver Anything To Russ Smith Correctly

Cooper Neill

First it was his Final Four jersey, now it's one of Russ Smith's All-American plaques that's having a hard time finding its way to The Based King.

The plaque, which Russ earned by being a second team NABC All-American, was mistakenly delivered to Caelin Smith on Monday...who just so happens to be the fiancé of ESPN 680 radio show host Jason Anderson. Apparently Smith working at U of L -- an institution which couldn't possibly include another person named Smith -- was the basis for the mistake.

The plaque has now already been shipped off to its rightful owner, using UPS, of course.

The Final Four jersey, meanwhile, remains missing. Here's hoping that none of these problems surface when the time comes for Andy to make his triumphant arrival in Louisville.

Also, major congrats to Jason and Caelin, who will be tying the knot this weekend. Maybe someone will chip in for a replica first team All-American plaque...or a Keurig. They're both cool.