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NBA Scouts Talk Russ Smith, Chane Behanan

Andy Lyons

With the NBA Draft now just two days away, the consensus from the league seems to be that Russ Smith has done nothing but help himself over the past handful of weeks. Former Card Chane Behanan, on the other hand...

Sports Illustrated's Seth Davis has taken the words of six NBA scouts and combined them to make one entity he refers to as "Finch." I'm not sure why he couldn't just give us the thoughts of all six people and give them each their own fake identity, but Seth rolls in a weird way sometimes.

What Finch had to say about both Russ and Chane was pretty predictable.

Chane Behanan, 6-6 forward, Louisville. "He does nothing for me. That kid can't get out of his own way."


Russ Smith, 6-1 guard, Louisville. "I don't like tiny guys that shoot up all the balls. He's got to be a point guard, but that's not what he does. He's only about 160 pounds. It's so hard for guys that size. But he was terrific in the workout in L.A. He was more unselfish with the ball than I had ever seen when he was in college. He's probably the fastest player in the draft."

Finish strong, Russ.