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James Quick Getting A Second Chance

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

No summer news is typically good summer news for any major college football or basketball program, a fact which U of L wide receiver James Quick can certainly attest to.

Earlier this month, Quick and former Trinity teammate/current Kentucky defensive end Jason Hatcher were cited for possession of marijuana in Quick's apartment. Quick was also tagged with an additional paraphernalia citation when they discovered a scale and "marijuana grinder" along with jars of marijuana buds and roaches.

On Thursday, head coach Bobby Petrino said that he anticipates Quick being a member of the team this fall, but that he's got some proving himself to do in the meantime.

"He's got some work to do," Petrino said. "I'm very disappointed in his actions and his decision-making. We've given him an opportunity to take care of that and it's going to be hard, but we're giving him a chance."

I would expect Quick to be in tremendous shape when camp begins in August.