The Cardinal Countdown...81 days till kickoff


#81 Chris Miele


Class: RS Freshman

Ht/Wt: 6-2/170

Position: Wide Receiver

Hometown: Louisville, KY (Product of DuPont Manual High School)

Twitter: None

Thoughts: I honestly don’t know much about Chris. In fact, neither does the internet. I couldn’t dig up much dirt on Mr. Miele although I did talk to a girl last week who used to cut his Uncles hair back in the mid 90’s and she said he was a fine young man. [ no, no I didn’t. But you can imagine what it’d be like if I did. Right? Right?] In all seriousness, he’s another local walk-on who will provide some depth at the position when needed during practice this year. Reference Day 85 for my thoughts on walk-ons. Wide Receiver is one position that we are absolutely stacked at this season so I would be surprised if Chris saw much time this year, but that doesn't make his role any less important. Glad to see a local kid contribute in bringing this program back to the top.

Sweet Tweet: I hope instead of tweeting Chris is out there somewhere eating a few cheeseburgers. 170lb bro? Come on man. I was 170lb in like 9th grade. Chris reminds me of my "Can I take my shirt off" bell curve. [Yes, that is a thing. I created it. Bare with me, or should I say "bare" with me?] So as the summer months approach you start to see more and more shirts come off of the male population. Whether its yard work outside, going for a jog, at the pool/lake/etc the shirts are being shed as the heat gets to be too much to handle. The question remains, is it socially acceptable for YOU to take your shirt off? For whatever reason society has accepted only certain ranges of shirt removal and the results are dependent upon your body fat percentage. (Age plays a factor, so for the sake of simplicity this chart is for 20-30 yr olds) Someone like Russ Smith, who had a NBA Combine low 3.5% body fat is easily in the clear. The issue is when you start to creep into that 19-22% range and the "chub" starts to overpower the muscle tone. Here, public acceptance starts to decline. The irregularity is that this acceptance trend does not continue to decrease proportionate to body fat percentage, it actually starts to go back up. Think about this. An overweight guy, maybe pushing 3 bills is outside cutting his grass holding a beer and going "topless". Do you look at him in disgust? Probably not, because our brain has conditioned us to see this as normal. He has surpassed the "t-shirt threshold" which hovers around 40% body fat. Do we overlook this simply because he is so far beyond fit we have empathy? Is it because even at that size he still has confidence to "pull the cover off the boat"? The answer is different for everyone but the results don’t change. Psychologically our brain has been modified to socially accept a much larger man without a shirt as normal behavior during the summer months. Social acceptance is almost universal for both "fit" males as well as "extremely unfit" males. The only disturbance in this bell curve is once a man reaches a body fat percentage that is so high it once again becomes socially unacceptable (Think ‘My 600lb Life’). I call this the ‘cow’ tipping point. And before I get called out for being anti-big guy, lets just say my point on this chart ain't exactly near the top. We're all in this together fellas!!

Gentlemen, please reference the chart below this summer to determine where you might fall in line…


[Feel free to contact me for any inquires about this study for your summer thesis. I’ll be happy to provide numerous fake references and imaginary sociological studies. This all came from my brain people. It's scary in here]