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ACC Unveils New Logo, Launches New Brand

The ACC announced early Thursday that it would be making an announcement later in that day, and it turns out that announcement is the league's new logo...which pretty much everyone saw a few weeks ago.

"The ACC is well-positioned for many future successes and we are pleased with our new branding that reflects our limitless potential," Commissioner John Swofford said in a release. "The new, contemporary look modernizes and energizes the ACC mark, and, at the same time, still reflects the league's history and rich tradition.

"With the recent expansion of our league and the addition of Louisville on July 1, it seemed a natural time to update our brand. We feel that it well represents the high standard and values the ACC has held for more than 61 years."

The fact that U of L is included in this makes me not care how over the top tis announcement and the video below both are.