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Russ Smith Is Getting His Pet Sloth

Cooper Neill

If there's been a better headline on this website, I'd like you to find it and share it with me.

Those of you who have been following Russ Smith on Twitter for a decent amount of time are likely at least somewhat familiar with the Based King's dream of owning a pet sloth.

The fascination apparently began at some point near the end of Louisville's 2012-13 national championship season, when Smith first shared his desire with the rest of the tweeting public. He later revealed that he already has a name picked out ("Andy"), and that he wants a baby sloth as opposed to a developed one so that he "can grow with it."

Like Rudy getting the okay to take the field against Georgia Tech, Russ Smith's moment came on Monday...

Can't wait to meet you, Andy...unless this is all some sort of joke or "baby sloth" is code for something else, in which case this is all still awesome and hilarious because Russ.