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Conference Catchup With The ACC

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

We're about two months removed from the end of the 2013-14 college basketball season, which means it's time to begin the summer conference checkups now that all the dust from the transfer/coaching hiring/firing madness has settled. It also means that we get to start reading about Louisville as a member of the ACC. That is cool.

CBS got the ball rolling on Tuesday with a look in at the ACC that includes several mentions of the mighty Cardinals, and how they plan on challenging for the league's top spot in year one.


1. ACC Tournament going back to the future: At the ACC spring meetings, the league announced that its tournament would move to a Tuesday-to-Saturday format beginning in 2015. It will be the first time since 1981 the tournament's final game will be held on Saturday rather than Sunday afternoon, but John Swofford was quick to note that the first 28 ACC tournaments concluded on Saturday. The league also revealed a new logo and plans to experiment with a 30-second shot clock during exhibition games to pick up the pace of play.

2. Hello Louisville, goodbye Maryland: Unlike the expansion to 15 teams, the addition of Louisville comes out of necessity after Maryland's departure for the Big Ten. Maryland, a charter member of the league, is the ACC's first departure since South Carolina's exit in 1971. There is some sadness in ending a long-running relationship, but those mushy feelings have been squashed by competing multi-million dollar lawsuits. Louisville does not just bring another Hall of Fame coach to the mix, but a .759 winning percentage over the last decade with three final four appearances and a national title. In terms of recent success, the ACC has just upgraded its operating system.


Team Commentary In Less Than 140 Characters

Louisville : With Chris Jones and Montrezl Harrell back, the Cards will take the ACC by storm and hope for a fourth straight 30+ win season.

We all know the May-August months are brutal, but being able to read stuff like this is going to make killing the time sooo much more pleasant than it was a year ago.