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Akoy Agau On The Louisville-Kentucky Rivalry: 'Our Fans Are More Mature'

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Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

Many of the players on the Louisville basketball team have gone their separate ways for the month of May to get a much needed break from the wear and tear of every day life as a star at U of L.

For Akoy Agau, that means a few weeks back in Omaha, where he's been flooded with questions about a potential transfer to Nebraska or Creighton. He recently addressed these rumors on the "Sharp & Benning in the Morning" program, deflecting them at every opportunity.

The conversation then shifted to the intensity of the Louisville-Kentucky rivalry, a subject Agau was much more willing to dive into.

"It's literally, if you win, you have exactly 365 days until the next game you play each other to brag and talk all the crap they want," he said. "It's literally all they do. It's red and blue just going back at each other. If a Louisville player does something, all the Kentucky fans want to ... publicize it or get it out.

"I personally feel like our fans are more mature. I hope there's not any Kentucky fans listening."


"We could be in the national championship playing against someone else, or we could have like 10 more games before playing that game, but that's the only game anybody's talking about down there," Agau said of U of L-UK, before adding, "I've never been a part of something so crazy - amazing."

He's not wrong.