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ACC Tournament Championship Game Moving From Sunday To Saturday

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Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Playing for a conference tournament title on the night before Selection Sunday has become a bit of a tradition for Louisville. Now, that tradition has the potential to continue into U of L's ACC era.

At the league's spring meetings in Florida, ACC commissioner John Swofford made the announcement that the conference will be moving its championship game away from Sunday for the first time since 1981. Instead, the ACC title game will be played at 8:30 p.m. on the Saturday of Championship Week, the slot which had previously been occupied by the Big East.

The tournament will be set up the same way the old Big East Tournament was from 2010-2013, running from Tuesday-Saturday and allowing all teams to compete. The championship game will then receive the "main event" status from ESPN that the Big East used to receive.

As someone who is adamantly opposed to championship games being played on Selection Sunday, and who held the Saturday night Big East title game time slot in high regard before Louisville was even a member of the conference, I couldn't be happier about this switch.