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Luke Hancock Says He's Going To Make The NBA

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

You'll have to forgive Luke Hancock if he's not listening to his doubters at the moment.

When you hear repeatedly that you're not good enough to play at Louisville and wind up becoming the Final Four's Most Outstanding Player after leading the Cardinals to their first national title in 27 years, you're allowed to ignore folks the next time they start saying you can't do something.

"I'm going to make the NBA," Hancock told ESPN 680's Drew Deener Wednesday morning. "I can play. I just need to be able to guard two guards and three men in the NBA. They're fast. They're athletic, so I've got a lot of work to do."

Rick Pitino said in his postseason press conference that he figured Hancock would make a run at the NBA, but added that if it doesn't work out, the charismatic sharp-shooter would be better served going into business than playing overseas.

For now, Hancock isn't thinking about having to make that choice. He says he's taking some time off to rest up and be 100 percent when it comes time to start auditioning for NBA teams in a few weeks.

The George Mason transfer who lit up the Georgia Dome in 2013 finished his senior season averaging 12.3 points per game, and was once again U of L's most consistently clutch performer. Despite having some some large shoes, including his own, to fill, Hancock said that Cardinal fans shouldn't be worried about whether or not Rick Pitino will be able to reload in 2014-15, "because that's what we do at Louisville."

For the Haterzzz.