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No Montrezl Harrell Decision Expected Until Next Week

Kevin C. Cox

Louisville fans constantly refreshing Twitter with the hope of seeing some breaking news regarding Montrezl Harrell's decision to stay or bolt for the NBA can probably take a step away from the social media for at least a few days.

According to U of L beat writer Jeff Greer of the C-J, sources indicate that Harrell will not be making an official decision until next week. When that decision does come, however, it's not likely to be news that causes the Cardinal fan base to celebrate.

Sources indicate that Harrell won't have a decision until next week, and he's likely to leave. That would leave Louisville with a few options to fill Harrell's leftover scholarship, and coach Rick Pitino's recent recruiting activities imply the Cardinals probably have their eye on a few replacement options. Pitino also mentioned the possibility of a fifth-year transfer in his end-of-season press conference earlier this week.

What would determine Harrell's status? For starters, he wants a guaranteed contract. That's three years of money for a family from a rural part of North Carolina. Then, Pitino said, getting Harrell in a position where he can play and learn is also important. If he's buried on a playoff team's bench, his coach explained, that will hurt his chances at a second contract after his first few years in the league.

Harrell hasn't spoken much on the subject, other than saying he'd evaluate where he stands and talk to his family and Pitino before making any choices. He does seem to value Pitino's opinion, and if Harrell falls into the early 20s as far as projections go, the advice seems to be that he could return and improve his draft stock.

We've seen some surprising last-second decisions go in both directions in recent years, so I suppose the only thing to do is wait and see.