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Kentucky Offensive Coordinator: "We're The Show In Town"

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Kentucky football team has lost its last five games against in-state competition and hasn't won a game in its own conference in 881 days, but none of that stopped Wildcat offensive coordinator Neal Brown from saying the following on Friday:

"There's no NBA team; there's no major league baseball team, there's no NFL team...So UK athletics is it. The other team doesn't want to hear that, but it's it. I mean, we're the show in town, in the state."

I mean, I get that you're attempting to rally the troops, but come on, man.

Louisville has won three bowl games since the last time Kentucky even played in one, and beat a team the Wildcats haven't knocked off in 29 years to win the Sugar Bowl.

This is just further proof that in this day and age, legitimately anyone can (and probably will) talk sh-t. You don't need a reason or even supporting facts, just an outlet.