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Kevin Ware Talks Transfer To Georgia State

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

The saga of Kevin Ware is one of the more hard-to-fathom college basketball stories of all-time. In just a two-year period, Ware went from virtually unheard of, to one of the biggest names in sports, to a player whose transfer news barely made a national splash.

After a strange final season at U of L which was first defined by his triumphant return to the court but later by his mysterious absence on the bench, Ware is headed to Georgia State to finish up his college career. He talked to WDRB's Rick Bozich about the difficulty of the decision over the weekend.

"It's tough coming to things like this," Ware said. "This is where it started for me - before I even decided to come here. But there's a lot going on at home and I kind of feel like my family needs me to be back there.

"When next Sunday comes, it's going to be real tough for me to even think about leaving this place. I don't even want to pack yet. I haven't packed at all."

Ware also discussed the difficulty of the past season and where he stands in the recovery process.

"It was hard all year, honestly, just not being able to play," Ware said. "That's always been the toughest part. Those guys (his U of L teammates) were going out there and they were winning. That's what was important to me. Now I'm just finishing up the semester, working out, getting cardio in. I can finally start doing pick-up and things like that. I'm just getting better. I'm ready for the next school year.

"I'm playing next year, without a doubt."

Here's the full interview: