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Chris Jones Confirms He Will Return To Louisville

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Chris Jones raised more than a few eyebrows on Monday when, just hours after Montrezl Harrell announced that he was returning to Louisville, Jones tweeted that he had a decision to make which "might hurt some people's feelings." He later deleted the tweet, but the buzz had already spread.

On Wednesday, Jones put to bed any fears that he would not be spending his 2014-15 season as a Cardinal.

It's still unclear what exactly Jones was deciding between, but judging from some of his responses on Twitter, it would seem to be a contract offer to play in Italy.

Lost in the pain of the way Louisville's 2014 ended was just how good Jones was over the course of the season's final three weeks. He played with a poise that often eluded him during the first half of the season, and was also willing to take (and make) big shots when the situation called for it.

He'll need to roll some of that momentum over to a 2014-15 season that will see him forced to assume an even larger role now that Russ Smith and Luke Hancock have moved on.