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Bobby Petrino Previews The Louisville Spring Game

Andy Lyons


--We have a long way to go, but our coaches have done a great job at teaching our new schemes, and the players have worked really hard at learning them. We've had some great competition in practice. The practices have been really physical and guys are really competing.

--We're really looking forward to getting out in the stadium tomorrow night and playing. The first strings are getting tired of hitting each other, so we're going to play the No. 1 offense vs. the No. 2 defense and the No. 1 defense vs. the No. 2 offense.

--We're going to try to make it as "game-like" as possible, especially in the first half. It's going to be normal format and normal clock in the first half, but our numbers are down a little bit so it's probably going to be a running clock in the second half.

--I'm looking forward to see how we do everything from this point on: the preparation, the walk-throughs, how we conduct ourselves before the game, just all the the things we're going to do before a normal game. It's important to get into that routine now so that it's not foreign when the real games come.

--We're not going to do a whole lot on scheme tomorrow night, executing our base offense is going to be the biggest thing. We want to work on timing, getting the quarterbacks to release the ball on time and making sure the receivers are in the right place at the right time.

--I feel really good about our front seven on defense. Our linebackers are physical and fast and are going to be able to play the way we want them to play. We are a little bit concerned with our depth in the secondary and the inexperience at safety. That's an area where we have to continue to work hard and get better.

--Depth on the offensive line is a bit of a concern. I feel really good about our first offensive line group. I think there will be more competition there in the fall.

--Will Gardner is getting better. He's getting his timing down and putting the ball where it needs to be more frequently, but we still have to get better there. He's a very hard worker, he's got a great attitude and he's a natural leader, we just have to get him in the situations that he's going to see in a game so that it's not a shock for him.

--Jermaine Reve suffered a knee injury in practice and we'll be out for some time.

--A lot of guys came into the spring banged up or coming off of shoulder surgeries, so our numbers are down, and that's kept us from getting as many reps as we'd have liked to both in practice and the scrimmages we've had.

--We have a very good wide receivers corps. DeVante Parker is a very special player, and there's a good deal of speed and talent around him. That's really going to help our quarterback. He just has to know that the defense and reads are going to dictate who is open, and then he just has to get the ball to that guy and let him make a play.

--L.J. Scott is a special player. He's very mature. When I first got here, he was constantly in the training room working out by himself. He's very determined, very dedicated and he has great instincts.

--I hope we have a good crowd tomorrow night. It's the first time that we're going to take the field as a team, so we're hoping to put on a good show in front of a good crowd.

--I think wearing alternate uniforms is good for recruiting and it also helps fire up the team. Sometimes when you look good, you play good. We have some things planned for this fall.

--I really like the way Gerald Christian has been playing. His ability to get down the field, elevate and catch the ball is a huge asset, and could come in handy on third down situations near the endzone. On defense, Trevon Young is a guy who has stood out. He picks things up very quickly and is a great pass rusher.

--You always worry about leadership, but this team has a terrific work ethic. They grind in the weight room and really get after it at practice. They understand that everything is different, but have been very willing to adapt. We have good leadership and guys who know what it takes to win games, and that has made the transition a lot easier.

--I think stadium expansion would be great, but you'll have to talk to Tom about that.

--Keith Kelsey has done a really good job at linebacker this spring. He and James Burgess have been working mostly with the ones, and Nick Dawson has been rotating some there as well. We're also very excited to have Keith Brown back. He hasn't even been on the field yet, but you can see his leadership and the way people follow him when we're in the weight room.

--After this week, we're going to crank it up as a coaching staff. I'm going to keep everyone here next week so we can spend every morning game-planning and every afternoon recruiting. Then we'll hit the road to recruit for a week and for three straight weeks after Derby.

--We're not set on a No. 2 quarterback right now. There's been great competition at that position.

--We'll start game-planning for Miami next week.

--We're very deep at the running back position. Whoever is hot is going to be the guy who gets the most carries. Right now, I would see Dominique Brown getting 20-25 touches per game. Michael Dyer has done a great job over the last six practices. It'll be fun to see Corvin Lamb back at 100 percent because he's the fastest guy on our team. Brandon Radcliffe is out for the rest of the spring because of an injury. We need to get him back because I really like his work ethic and what he was doing before he got hurt.

--My approach to spring ball hasn't changed too much since the last time I was here. We have a progression of what we believe in, and that's installing a lot on offense and defense for seven days, then coming back and starting all over again, and then we'll do it again in August.

--My first spring game as a head coach here, we were trying to get them to get out of the locker room, and as an assistant I always had this routine where I was the last one to go out on the field. So I remember being down in that hallway and everybody sitting around until I said, "Come on let's go, what's the problem around here?" And one of the players turned to me and said, "Coach, they're waiting for you." It was a rookie mistake. At least I'll know to be in the front of the line now.

--It's been great having former players at practice this spring. Brian Brohm is getting married on Saturday, and I'm a little mad that he's not having his rehearsal dinner during the game on Friday. He should have planned better.

--The spring game isn't really a big recruiting night for us. We'll have a few recruits here, but it will mostly be the signees in attendance. I like to do that so that the parents can get to know each other because they're going to become sort of a family for the next four or five years.