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Louisville's 2014 Recruiting Class Ranked No. 4 By ESPN

Mike Stobe

There's still a small amount of moving and shaking to play out among the 2014 recruiting class (cough cough, Myles Turner), but it appears as though Rick Pitino's haul is going to wind up ranked somewhere in the top 10 nationally, potentially as high as No. 4.

That's where the Cards are currently, at least according to the fine folks at

Here's the nation's top 10 (with number of commits in parentheses) according to the world wide leader.

1. Duke (4)
2. Kentucky (4)
3. North Carolina (3)
4. Louisville (6)
5. Ohio State (4)
6. Arizona (5)
7. Georgetown (4)
8. Maryland (5)
9. Kansas (2)
10. UCLA (4)

I'd gladly trade it for a pair of returning All-Americans, but I must admit there's a solid level of excitement that comes with adding so many guys that we don't know all that much about. The Red-White scrimmages and exhibition games are going to be far more intriguing this fall than they've been in many years.