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A Look At Louisville's Place In Mock Brackets

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As always, if you're looking for a summary of all the mock brackets on the Interwebz, then the Bracket Matrix should be your No. 1 bookmark.

Here's what the major networks are saying at this moment.

SB Nation: No. 4 seed in the East playing No. 13 Belmont

CBS: No. 6 seed in the Midwest playing No. 11 Providence or California

ESPN: No. 5 seed in the Midwest playing No. 12 Arkansas or Oregon

Yahoo: No. 5 seed (don't do full bracket)

USA Today: No. 5 in the East playing No. 12 California or Pittsburgh

NBC: No. 5 in the West playing Harvard

If you're a little skeptical that SB Nation has the Cards seeded better than ESPN or CBS, it's worth noting that Chris Dobbertean has destroyed Joe Lunardi and Jerry Palm in projecting seeds in each of the past two seasons.

It's safe to say that whatever happens tonight will change all of this.