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The Least Predictable Rivalry Week Feud Ever

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Okay, so I guess we need to talk about what happened with Marc Summers last night.

In an attempt to kill the time between now and Friday in a way other than pacing or watching every Ken Burns documentary ever made, I decided that we, the Louisville fan base on Twitter, should pick an obscure celebrity and attempt to get their game prediction for Friday night. After a hoard of worthy nominations were tweeted and considered, I decided to go with Marc Summers, the former host of Nickelodeon's "Double Dare" and the current host of "Unwrapped" on the Food Network.

Cardinal fans did their part and then some to try and get a result.

And then, suddenly, a Chicken Knowles/Bryce Cotton-esque revelation...

The waiting continued until....

This was disappointing and no one knew quite how to react...

Until Summers dumped metaphorical green slime on all of us.

And then it got bad.

I like that tie.

The evening ended with Marc Summers, childhood idol of so many, basically taking on the entire Louisville fan base. At one point I think he dropped a "yo mama" on HotHot...I don't even know, it was all too surreal to remember it accurately.

I think most of us expected a few Twitter wars this week, but this one was pretty hard to see coming. Actually it was impossible to see coming. If you pictured your Tuesday evening culminating with a war of words between yourself and former Double Dare host Marc Summers, well then more power to you, because I did not.

The good news? Sir Mix-A-Lot, Bobby Budnick from "Salute Your Shorts," Zachary Ty Bryan (Brad from "Home Improvement") and Jaleel White (Urkel) have all gone on record in supporting the Cards.

So we've got that going for us.