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The 2014 Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

We're going with Yahoo! once again, and we have a sweet prize package for the winner courtesy of the fine folks over at Strait Pinkie.

Here's how you get involved.


1. Sign up for a free Yahoo! account if you don't already have one.

2. Go here and click "Join a Group."

3. Type in the league ID (134875) and league password ("steveruss") to get into the group.

4. Fill out your bracket.

Please note that the bracket "locks" on Thursday morning, which means the "first" round play-in games on Tuesday & Wednesday will not be scored on this contest. Translation: you have until Thursday morning to finalize your brackets.

Also, as a special incentive this year, Card Chronicle has teamed up with Warren Buffett to offer $1 billion to any Chronicloid who picks a perfect bracket. If you win, but your bracket isn't perfect, you still get the Strait Pinkie prize package.

If the group fills up as fast as it has the past two years, we will start new pools until everyone who wants to play is included.

Good luck, all.