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Quentin Snider Breaks Allan Houston's Ballard Scoring Record

Playing in front of current and former Louisville greats Russ Smith and Darrell Griffith, future Cardinal Quentin Snider broke a record set by arguably U of L's most famous "one that got away."

Snider scored 30 points in Ballard's 94-72 rout of rival Eastern Saturday night, allowing him to break the school's all-time scoring record previously held by former Tennessee and New York Knicks star Allan Houston.

"Well, I think probably the only person that's happier to get this over with than me is probably Quentin," Ballard coach Chris Renner told The Courier-Journal. "He's just been a special player.

"Breaking this record really is special. It's incredible what he's accomplished, and hopefully there's more to come."

Here's video of Snider's record-breaking night: