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Cornelius Sturghill signs with Louisville over Wisconsin

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Louisville lost long-time commitment George Rushing to Wisconsin just two days before national signing day. They repaid Wisconsin by getting Memphis wide receiver and defensive back Cornelius Sturghill to change his commitment from Wisconsin on signing day and sign with the Cardinals. Sturghill is a extremely fast and while he'll surely need to put on weight once he gets to college (5'10, 170), he has all the speed a receiver needs to be effective in the slot in Bobby Petrino's offense. He could just as easily be a defensive back and help out immediately there, as well.

Sturghill committed to Wisconsin on January 24th while on an official visit, but the Louisville coaches were able to convince him to come on an official visit the following week and persuaded him to change his mind on signing day. Sturghill joins the already enrolled Cameron Polk and Javonte Bagley as receiver commitments for the class of 2014.

Here's video of Sturghill in action at both positions.