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National Signing Day 2014: LB Isaac Stewart Is A Louisville Cardinal

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Three-star linebacker Isaac Stewart out of Charlotte is officially a Louisville Cardinal.

The 6'2, 240-pound Butler High standout was rated as the No. 26 prospect in the state of North Carolina by He picked Louisville over Mississippi State, North Carolina, NC State and Kansas State, among others.

Here's what GoCardsGuy had to say about Stewars after looking at him on film back in September:

This is going to sound weird but I labeled Stewart as a "tackler" when I first saw his video. Some guys are just naturally gifted at tackling and don't really excell at other aspects of playing linebacker. This kids just does a great job in between the tackles and he knows how to bring down running backs. He can run well and doesn't struggle getting from sideline to sideline, but he is really good sifting through the line and making plays at or behind the line of scrimmage. Louisville's system works well for larger middle linebackers because it allows them to play downhill. Stewart should already has good size and I really think he can come in and compete for the backup middle linebacker spot next year.

Cardinal Comparison: Lamar Myles

I would not mind another Lamar Myles.