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De'Eric Culver signs with Louisville

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De'Eric Culver was one of the first players to commit to Louisville for the class of 2014 and unlike a number of them, stuck with Louisville and signed this morning. Recruiting decommitments due to coaching changes are to be expected and Louisville certainly had its share. For that reason, holding on to Culver and getting his signed letter of intent this morning was a major victory.

Culver is a talented corner that will probably see the field pretty early since Andrew Johnson and Terell Floyd are both seniors this year. Additionally, more teams on Louisville's new ACC schedule run spread offenses than they typically saw in the Big East/AAC. So, the need for an increasing number of defensive backs makes Culver that much more valuable.

Culver joins Zack Cannon, Trumaine Washington, and Michael Johnson as defensive back signees for the 2014 class so far. Cannon and Johnson are likely safeties while Culver and Washington can probably play either corner position as need and opponent determine. Culver picked Louisville over late interest from both Cal and Nebraska.