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U of L Football Makes Huge Recruiting Move On Super Bowl Sunday

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David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

While the rest of the sports world was fixated on the Denver Broncos, the Seattle Seahawks and Peter Gene Hernandez, the new Louisville football staff was busy having its most successful recruiting push to date.

First there was a commitment from Trumaine Washington, a three-star cornerback from Miami who picked the Cards over Syracuse. The commitment of Washington is especially crucial given the recent news that Bobby Petrino's first commit, cornerback Shaq Jones, is now reportedly mulling a flip to Georgia.

The good news continued to roll in on Sunday when three-star wide receiver/tight end Charles Standberry made it known that he was flipping his commitment from Ole Miss to U of L.

Here he is in action:

And although nothing is official, both three-star offensive tackle Quincy McKinney and three-star cornerback De'Eric Culver have made it known to different outlets that they plan on signing with U of L.

Not a bad little weekend.