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Music for Louisville Cardinal Fans: Terry Rozier

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This is the story of how Terry Rozier went from a Saturday to a Sundae

This is a special release of 'NOW That's What I Call Cardinal Music', the series that has brought you For the HaterzMontezl Mash and Curves for Men.



This is the story of how Terry Rozier went from a Saturday to a Sundae.

A product of Cleveland, OH, Rozier showed musical chops from a very young age. Pursued by numerous labels, Rozier made a decision to attend the prestigious Haddaway Music Academy before launching his career.

An R&B prodigy, the voice of silk ultimately signed with Because National Champion Records, a label full of R&B artists, including Cold-Blooded Deuce and Jumbo Jones.

Initially focused on track collaborations, Rozier  burst onto the scene in 2013, with his hit-single ‘Kiss from a Rozier'.

Rozier was an instant sensation, the apple of America's eye. He was the kind of guy that winks at you, and no matter your sexual orientation, you like it...a lot.

As fans called in requesting more air-time, Rozier became one of the top Billboard risers of the year.

But everything changed for Rozier in early 2014.

At a Saturday afternoon outdoor concert at Riverbend Stage in Cincinnati, OH, Rozier was the opening act for Cold-Blooded Deuce.

As Rozier stole the hearts of the Queen City with his smooth vocals, a squirrel ran across the stage.

Rozier, calm (clean) as ever on the outside, but manic (cream) on the inside, walked off the stage and handed the microphone to the main act, Cold-Blooded Deuce. Fans began to throw items up on the stage as Cold Blooded Deuce quickly improvised into his #1 song, ‘Sorry Mr. Jackson'. Disgusted, Cold Blooded Deuce dropped the mic, and got the hell out town.

With that moment, Rozier made a decision that shocked the world. He walked away from the music industry.

Rozier himself explains best what happened next.

"I was all shook up," said Rozier. "That squirrel just snuck up on me."

"But when I got home, I walked into the kitchen and there were my boys Jumbo and Fat. They were just about to go to town on a big bowl of ice cream. They were the two happiest people I had ever seen."


"I knew I couldn't go on stage anymore, but I wanted to continue to bring people happiness."

And thus...Mr. Swirly's was born...


Rozier decided to open up an ice cream shop. Soft serve instead of soft melodies.

In doing so, he paid homage to some of the more influential people in his life:







To show loyalty to his fans, Rozier has made it clear he is open to additional flavors being added to the menu.


What they are saying about the ice cream:

"I like Rocky Road very much"
- Gorgui Dieng

"Sorry, we don’t accept credit cards"
- Dairy Kastle

"Teddy Bridgewater better get his Vanillon in a cup, because his hands aren’t big enough to properly hold a cone"
- Mel Kiper Jr.

"Hey Jeff Goodman, have you seen how good Terry Rozier’s ice cream is?"
- @troydstout

"Where do I get an application?"
- Brandon Bender

(43,000 Chron points and 5 #TweetCaps to Brandon Lawrence for his logo creation and inspiration.)