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North Oldham Manager Will Run "David Levitch" Play To Get First Basket

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Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

A very cool story from North Oldham, where Tee Salinas, a young man with Down Syndrome who has been the boys basketball team manager since 6th grade, will be in the starting lineup this evening.

Both coaches have agreed to let Salinas, who has been voted "Most Likely to Brighten Your Day" by the North Oldham student body, score the first basket in the game. The play that Tee will be running to get the basket? "David Levitch," named after the former North Oldham star and current U of L walk-on.

Students at North Oldham have been hashtagging the phrase "Get Tee on SportsCenter" all week with the hope that the world wide leader will take notice.

WHAS' Kent Spencer has more.