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Wednesday Afternoon Cardinal News And Notes

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I enjoy that more and more parents are putting their child's name on these submissions, because it's less work for me. Didn't even look at this kid's name, but he or she is an adorable young Cardinal fan.

I_medium Card Chronicle was "The Card Report" the last time the Louisville men's basketball team played a game.

Peace, love, Cards.

I_medium Tae Thibodeaux has officially signed with Louisville. A big-time post-Signing Day get for Petrino and company.

I_medium Chane Behanan spoke with The Courier-Journal's Jeff Greer Tuesday night about his current life, which includes lots of working out, watching kung-fu and getting his mind right before starting a new career at Colorado State.

While he wouldn't go into detail Tuesday about the issues that led to U of L dismissing him, Behanan said: "I'm fixing it now, and that's all that matters to me.

"It's about making it right and finding the right direction. The route I was going when I was (at U of L), it was putting people's jobs in jeopardy. It made them look bad every time I messed up. I was messing up. I wasn't smart with my decisions."


"It's hard because I came to Louisville to start something, a dynasty, and that was the route we were going," he said.

"I should've handled it better and started calling for help. I used to try to do everything on my own. It doesn't work that way. You need people to help you do the right things. I pushed a lot of people away. Now I'm facing the consequences. I got myself here. I'm man enough to say that."

I_medium The rumors are all true...Gorgui Dieng is off the market.

I'm gonna level with you, women of Louisville: This is going to be a tough one to come back from. One day at a day at a time.

I_medium USA Today's Brent Sobleski says Teddy Bridgewater could be the answer to all the Cleveland Browns' problems.

I_medium Louisville softballer Kelsi Jones is your first AAC Player of the Week for the 2014 season. The Cards are off to a 3-2 start after their trip to Boca Raton last weekend.

I_medium The ACC bloggers over at ESPN rank Louisville's 2014 non-conference schedule as the 10th-toughest in the league.

LOUISVILLE: *Murray State (6-6), At FIU (1-11), At Notre Dame (9-4), Kentucky (2-10)

  • Opponents' 2013 combined winning percentage: 36.7
  • Toughest opponent: at Notre Dame
  • Weakest opponent: FIU
  • 2013 bowl teams: 1
  • Quick take: This is a schedule Louisville should cruise through, with the exception of the road trip to Notre Dame. Last year, Louisville beat FIU 72-0, and beat Kentucky on the road. It's definitely a good setup for a team trying to break it a new coaching staff and quarterback.

I_medium A really good feature from Ricky O'Donnell on the growing importance of mix-tapes and how they're shaping the image of recruiting.

I_medium Good story from Mike DeCourcy on Larry Brown and the incredible job he's doing at SMU.

When you really stop and think about it, how f---ing insane is this whole Larry Brown/SMU thing? I mean this is the only coach in the history of the sport of basketball to win the whole thing at the college and NBA level, he's somehow found himself coaching at SMU (SMU!), and he's winning...pretty big.

It's just a crazy, but really cool (I think), story.

I_medium You wanna talk about pulling me in for that all-important "read on" click...


How could I not want more?

I_medium You should definitely check out the inspiring story of a hooper with down syndrome who has the Luke Hancock post-three-pointer celebration down to a tee.

I_medium Rachel Shulhafer of the LEO offers a message to Louisville fans in the wake of the Marcus Smart incident.

As a Louisville fan, I'm rarely embarrassed by other Louisville fans. All fan bases have idiots, but for the most part, we're pretty tolerable. All the people who sit in my section at games are fairly tame and mostly positive. The only out-of-the-ordinary thing that ever happens is when the same guy shouts "I love you Ladybirds!" at the top of his lungs during the brief moment right before the music starts when the arena is silent. However, I was recently told something about some particular Louisville fans that makes me as irritated as when people smack talk to recruits on the Internet.

My dad was in the Louisville airport last week, and realized he was on the same flight as the players and coaches of a recent U of L opponent, whom they beat handily. While they waited to board, my dad started a conversation with one of the coaches and introduced himself as a U of L fan. The conversation started normally, with my dad asking the coach how he liked the Yum! Center. He was very complimentary about the facility, but didn't seem too psyched on the people inside it. When my dad brought up the antics of the Memphis coach, who was blatantly yelling things to the crowd after they upset Louisville, the coach politely defended Memphis, and said that fans seated in the section behind the visitors' bench were relentless about verbally harassing his players. Apparently the word "thug" was being thrown every which way, and he felt like his players' efforts were disrespected, which they were.

Yeahhh, let's not do that.

I_medium Shaqquan Aaron's Rainier Beach squad is now a perfect 22-0 after Aaron posted 24 points, 11 assists and nine rebounds in a victory Tuesday night.

I_medium Here's Ben Passafiume sporting what he has dubbed the "Lou-manchu."


As much as I'd like to believe otherwise, I cannot see this catching on.

I_mediumpreview of tomorrow night's game from the fine folks in Philly.

I_medium If Louisville defeats Temple on Thursday, they'll be the first AAC team to win coming off a break of six days or more this season. League teams are a remarkable 0-8 in that situation so far.

I_medium Hungry for even more Louisville law rivalry dominance? No? Well hold onto your briefcases...

The UofL National Moot Court team annihilated UK's team last November in the round robin, effectively ending the UK competition in the Regionals in Richmond, Virginia.

It was a Petrino-esque beatdown, increasing UofL's point differential so substantially as to propel the team into the knockout stage, where they eventually advanced to the semifinals before losing by a tenth of a point.

Pumping themselves up before the matchup, one of the team members was heard telling the other, "I don't care what happens the rest of my law school career, but we will not lose to UK."

If I remembered anything from law school (legitimately, anything), I'd at least attempt to make a law joke here.

I_medium The city of Louisville has been hauling in awards recently.

I_medium Another profile of Calvin Pryor from a Philadelphia Eagles perspective.

I_medium In news that should surprise exactly no people, Kentucky cooks its attendance stats for home basketball games.

Kentucky basketball's outsized popularity is undeniable. Big crowds braving ice and snow to get to several home games this season, not to mention the tornado watch the night UK played Eastern Michigan, suggested that fan devotion remains undimmed. However, the announced attendance at UK home games is usually not the number you see in the stands.

Open records obtained by the Herald-Leader indicate about a 20-percent markup in attendance figures so far this season. That is to say, Lexington Center Corp. counts the ticket holders admitted into Rupp Arena, then UK announces an official attendance that is about 20 percent larger. UK's average announced attendance for home games this season is 22,662. The average number of ticket holders in Rupp Arena has been 18,110.

DeWayne Peevy, deputy director of athletics, acknowledged that determining an announced attendance is "kind of an imperfect science."

This happens pretty much everywhere, but I do love the defense. Counting: "kind of an imperfect science."

I_medium Five teams in college basketball have no losses to teams that were unranked on the day the game was played: Syracuse, Wichita State, Florida, Saint Louis and UNC Charlotte...just kidding, it's Louisville. UNC Charlotte isn't even a real thing anymore. Where's your wife to blow kisses to now, Diego Guevara?

I_medium And finally, a mid-February headline tradition unlike any other.