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Tuesday Evening Cardinal News And Notes

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I enjoy Allan Mathis' CCBM tree because he took the time and effort to get it all completely organized and traditional, and then still chose to ruin everything with a giant, creepy topper. It's beautiful.

I_medium Spread Check (basketball): Louisville by 12.

I_medium It's day two of our 12 days of Christmas special, and today's event is the Galt House's Pam Tillis & Friends: "A Kentucky Christmas Dinner Show." Submit a picture of yourself attending the event or any of the other Christmas at the Galt House events to receive free tickets to Kalightoscope and a spot on the site.

I_medium If you have ESPN Insider, Fran Fraschilla has a really in-depth look at why Louisville's defense works...or so people have been saying on Twitter. I don't have ESPN Insider.

I_medium Highlights of new U of L commit Geron Christian:

I_medium The father of highly-touted U of L recruit Tyus Battle will be in the crowd at Madison Square Garden tonight watching the Cards.

I_medium If college basketball were set up the way college football is, Louisville would likely be just on the outside looking in of the four-team playoff.

I_medium Grantland serves up some words of praise for The Ted.

Teddy Bridgewater

On last week's Grantland NFL Podcast, Bill Barnwell and I lamented the offensive game plan being given to Teddy Bridgewater: an endless string of receiver screens and short, quick passes seemingly aimed at protecting both the body and the ego of a rookie quarterback playing behind a shaky offensive line.


Well, for at least a week, I'll have to back off those complaints. Norv Turner let Bridgewater loose yesterday against the Jets. He threw for 309 yards and two touchdowns on just 27 attempts, and he would've had a third touchdown had Minnesota not fumbled at the goal line (and recovered in the end zone). It was his best game since his debut start against the Falcons in Week 4.

The Vikings likely decided to give Bridgewater some leeway because they were playing the Jets secondary. Deep passes are harder to pull off when you're scrambling for your life, after all, but it was nice to see a rookie quarterback respond after being told he could finally take the car for a spin on the highway.

I_medium I answer some questions on tonight's game for the folks over at Crimson Quarry.

I_medium The Indianapolis Star remembers the un-televised last meeting between the Cards and Hoosiers.

I_medium Gerod Holliman is one interception away from breaking a record which has stood since 1968, but one NFL scout says that doesn't mean he's ready for the big show.

Louisville safety Gerod Holliman has gained national notoriety this season by tying a daunting, 46-year-old NCAA record of 14 interceptions in a season. But while averaging better than an interception per game couldn't be a better way to start a safety's resume, one NFL scout doesn't believe Holliman is anywhere near ready for the NFL.

"He needs to go back to school," one scout told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. "He's horrible. He can't make a tackle to save his life. He's got pretty good instincts, but he's not that athletic."

But as scathing a review as that is, it's not the consensus view, either. NFL Media analyst and former NFL scout Bucky Brooks is much higher on Holliman's pro potential, and last month likened him to former Baltimore Ravens star Ed Reed. Holliman has made 37 tackles this season, a fairly low number for a starting safety, although he hasn't needed help for many of them (29 solos). He's made the most of his interceptions to change field position, piling up 245 return yards and a touchdown off the turnovers.The worst way to start a safety's resume? Poor tackling would rate awfully high.

Calling a guy with 14 interceptions "horrible" under the veil of anonymity seems awfully...message boardish. It also seems like anyone who watches more than 15 minutes of football in a given season these days is being deemed worthy of the "scout" title, so take that assessment for what it's worth.

It's worth nothing. That's what I'm trying to say.

I_medium This might be the most spite-filled piece ever published on a legitimate media outlet's website.

I_medium Sheldon Rankins is one of a handful of Georgia natives on Louisville's roster, so naturally he lit up when he saw who the Cards were going to be squaring off against on Dec. 30.

I_medium BT Powerhouse gives U of L/IU honorable mention status in its game of the week section.

Indiana vs. Louisville: This matchup clearly favors the Cardinals on paper, but should still be a nationally marketed game that fans flock to watch.  Louisville currently sits at 7-0 and have already recorded wins over Big Ten teams Minnesota and Ohio State.  They will be looking to add Indiana to that list, but the Hoosiers bring their own hopes to this matchup.  With James Blackmon, Jr. and Yogi Ferrell in the team's lineup, the backcourt could be an area where Indiana makes a difference.  Louisville prides itself on its pressure defense and Indiana's guards might be able to prevent some of this pressure.  Indiana will certainly be an underdog in this game, but when a game features two programs with a combined 8 national championships, people are going to watch.

I_medium Indiana/Louisville is shaping up to be "a hell of a game."

I_medium Vegas handicappers have U of L tied for the third best team in college basketball at the moment.

I_medium And finally, beat Indiana.